brianzigSo, what happened to the old site and all the content?  One word…deleted.  Yes, on purpose.  Last year I was so busy with the responsibilities of being a youth pastor, tackling the increasing load of freelance work, and managing not only The Zigs Creative Co. website, but about a dozen others as well.  This one just seemed to be the easiest to remove and reclaim some time.  Most of what I needed to post at the time would have been fine on either my social media, my youth ministry site, or The Zigs Creative Co. site.  Now, as my season of youth ministry has closed and the door to another season has opened (more on that later), I’m realizing the need to have a space to post my random thoughts that I may not necessarily want to post on The Zigs Creative Co. website.  So, the redirect has been removed and here we are.  Clean slate.  Let’s see where we end up.