Brock Bennett Memorial Service – Jon Bennett Speaking About His Son

Brock Bennett Memorial Service – Jon Bennett Speaking About His Son

Brock Bennett, 16, of 704 Buck Shoals Road Gaffney SC, passed away from a suicide on Tuesday, November 11, 2014.  He was an 11th grade student at Gaffney High School.  In this video, Jon Bennett addresses not only Brock’s peers, but their parents as well as he encourages those who need help to seek it, whether it’s for those considering suicide or for parents of a child who is. 

[su_quote][su_highlight]There was a hidden battle inside my little man, inside this beautiful facade of purpose and direction.[/su_highlight] [/su_quote]

[su_quote][su_highlight]Reach out to somebody and give them a chance to help you on your journey.[/su_highlight][/su_quote]

[su_quote][su_highlight]Unfortunately parents, love and concern does not qualify you to play every position on the field.  As a guy that likes to counsel my friends, there was a  point I was not qualified to counsel Brock.  My love and concern dd not give me the paper, the qualification, the other angles.  Pass the ball to somebody else.[/su_highlight][/su_quote]

[su_quote][su_highlight]Ask for help. It’s not that big a deal.[/su_highlight][/su_quote]


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  • We would like to have known Brock as a person and family member but without trying to bring up the past,Its kinda hard not to,I feel had Brock been able to see and learn on his own from his Real Grandpa this probably wouldnt have happened. And if his Grandma would have told the truth about certain things and left her ill feelings to herself by not poisoning her children’s minds,they could had a better perspective of two people wo just didn’t get along without adding untruths to the relationship that takes 2 to tango ,not just 1,and Debbie knows what I’m talking about..Anyway why do people say well you will see them in heaven,when suicide is murder and how can you ask for forgiveness afterwards? God gives life and takes life away,he decides who goes and who stays,Ive searched the Bible and I won’t see how we can do this without committing a sin.I would love to have known him,and feel this would not have happened?if he could have visited his Real Grandpa on occasions.Alienating grannies from their rightful blood relatives by ones own personal problems is criminal,but thats water under the bridge now! But if it was me I would want kill anyone who was bothering me to the point of wanting it to stop,but would surely not kill myself over a bully,but you cant go in life killing off people who are just plain mean,and turning the othey cheek is out of the question because your just asking for it then. So next best thing is find someone you can talk to,maybe get home schooled or transfered,but suicide is Unforgivable,and you don’t want to go that route..Sometimes talking to a trusted stranger helps because you reveal more to them than a family member..But family is where its at,stay close contact with your kids and always know where they are.And please look after Tina I dont want her to feel she has to follow him,I’m sorry but lets face reality,some parents do this sometimes when they loose a child.I know her Real dad loves her and wishes she would come around,but what can you say when your mind has been poisoned.I hope God forgives! Your Aunt

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